Voice of Blockchain Conference, Sep 2019, Chicago, USA

Voice of Blockchain Conference Sep 30th & Oct 1st 2019, Chicago, IL, USA

Voice of Blockchain was created in 2018 by the Chicago Blockchain Project community. It is designed to drive adoption of blockchain & crypto assets with a primary goal of educating stakeholders on the benefits of the technology in an ethical and inclusive manner.

Voice of Blockchain features two days and three stages of high-quality curated content along with a focus on Crypto Market Dynamics: From Venture to Derivatives. These stakeholders include the buyers, investors, and the builders of systems that distribute trust. It also includes society as a whole as we aim to promote viable and sustainable solutions to the worlds greatest challenges.

How Are Regulators Thinking About Blockchain, Family Office & Private Equity, The Custody Trilemma: Regulation, Technology, and Risk Management.

Solutions and industry-changing projects across six industry verticals. See full life cycle stories, keynotes, and fireside chats with buy-side decision-makers.

A conversation with top 500 AUM asset managers, hedge funds, regulators, and service providers on changing market dynamics of a new asset class.

An examination of social impact and technical progress. Topics include artificial intelligence, IoT, user experience, identity, interoperability, bitcoin, mechanism design, and privacy.

Find out how successful implementations moved from ideation and selling the concept to production level support.

Enterprise executives, development talent and institutional investors are brought together for two days.

Hear directly from the regulators and institutions on how innovation is changing the current market structure.

Leave the event with detailed info about the meeting you set and contact you met.

Investors participate for the placement potential and the startups are leaders in their class.

Look into the ethical considerations that will drive value ten years down the road.

Do not miss the largest blockchain & digital asset conference in the midwest!

Tickets for the Voice of Blockchain conference in Chicago are available. …  CLICK HERE..

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