Building Blockchains the Easy Way – An Introduction to Substrate


Learn how Substrate, the blockchain development framework, makes it easy to encapsulate your domain-specific logic in just a few lines of code and include it in a running blockchain in about 30 minutes. 

In this live technical workshop, you will learn how Substrate and its meta-framework “FRAME” makes it easy to build a custom blockchain that comes fully loaded with best-in-class cryptographic algorithms from the researchers at the Web3 Foundation.

Topics will include: the “Substrate and FRAME way” of thinking about blockchains, how to use FRAME to write custom blockchain logic in just a few lines of code, how to use Polkadot JS Apps UI and other ecosystem tools to interact with a Substrate-based chain, the Substrate-based chains that Parity hosts and how they can be used as developer resources.

Who should attend: Blockchain developers who want to learn about the technical advantages of using Substrate for their blockchain solutions. No previous experience needed!

Speaker: Dan Forbes, Developer Advocate, Parity Technologies

Agenda (1 h):
– Welcome to Substrate (15 min)
– Workshop – live content (30 min)
– Q&A (15 min)

Substrate┬ácomes with everything you need to build your blockchain. By using Substrate’s pallets you can easily create what you want, or craft your own custom logic. Either way, Substrate makes building a blockchain far faster, easier, and safer than ever before.

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