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BitNautic (BTNT)

Decentralized Shipping and Cargo platform based on Blockchain Technology

A Tech for Your Shipping Needs
BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services,

BitNautic integrates a marketplace for wholesale goods, where importers and exporters can buy and sell commodities at discounted prices and arrange for their shipment directly on the platform, keeping their whole operation in one place.

Founded in 2018 in Lugano, Switzerland, BitNautic is a software company that develops blockchain-based software for the logistics industry. Its main product, the BitNautic Platform, is an all-in-one solution for all the global trade industry players, which allows shippers to book transport for their cargo choosing and combining the best carriers in terms of price, speed and carrier reputation, based on real users experiences

The platform is built on the Blockchain, a cutting-edge technology that allows full supply chain transparency, secure digital management of data and documentation, safe payments without the need of third party approval, and much more.

BitNautic comes with distinctive features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) based booking system, real-time tracking of ships and cargo, and a wholesale e-commerce platform.

It’s a well-known fact in the industry that global shipping has to increase efficiency, improve processes and perform a fundamental digital transformation, to ensure future profitability for the ship owners, and to provide more opportunities for the charterers and producers all over the world.

To solve the industry critical problems, we are creating BitNautic, a distributed platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters.

In our vision BitNautic contribution to the digitalization and decentralization of the shipping industry, will contribute to the growth of developing countries, in an open market and free trade, increasing international trade and cooperation, public-private partnerships within the industry, knowledge sharing, and bridging the gap between government regulators and the shipping industry.

BitNautic has started his operations with a focus on the emerging countries of the Africa continent.

BitNautic development and expansion will be funded with the Crowdsale of the BitNautic Token BTNT, used to access the BitNautic platform. The Ecosystem is powered by its own token, the BTNT, tradable on these crypto exchanges: CoinBene and

BitNautic Team

Gulzar Bajwa
Entrepreneur, importer, exporter, deep understanding of the shipping and logistics industry with many years of experience operating in the European, Indian and West African markets.

Andrew P. Fenner
Shipping Manager with over 17 years of front line experience in all aspects of international shipping with a wide range of roles and responsibilities and a proven track record of success. First-hand knowledge of day to day running of a range of vessels as diverse as bulk carriers, Ro-Ro, Heavy Lift and general cargo all on a 24/7 basis.

Junaid Mushtaq
Skilled Solution Architect with a focus in designing and implementing Scalable and Highly Available integrated solutions. Proficient in Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, Go, Python, AngularJS, ReactJS, Docker, RESTful API design, Back-End Development and Web/Blockchain integrations.


calero blockchain

Calero is a decentralized platform that implements leading edge Artificial intelligence and blockchain to improve, increase and automate the account payable process in your company, while building a more trustful, transparent and collaborative network throughout your supply chain. We have become the insights, intelligence and automated function, from freelancers to governments.

Using Calero´s innovative technology will allow you to manage your invoices, communicate with your suppliers, make payments and track deliveries within one trusted place. Spend less time going through paper documents and misplaced files and more time on building a successful business.

Calero intends to start at the lower end of the market, offering a clear software-as-a-service model for freelancers, SMEs, and supply chain firms, and pursuing government contracts in emerging markets. Developing partnerships with other blockchain projects could then unlock synergies that would enable Calero to evolve into a one-stop supply chain solution for enterprises of all scopes.

CEO Ken Otalor is the founder of Austria-based KO Financials, a closed-end family fund. He has held senior executive positions at AgenaTrader, Alternative Asset Management, and Schneider Trading Associates. He holds an M.B.A. from Leeds Beckett University. Click here to see the full list of Calero Team.

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