Do you know the right Blockchain Business Models for your industry?

This programme consists of a mix of technical, academics and practical instructions, teaching the principles of Blockchain, such that the knowledge imparted will be applicable no matter what the current in-vogue aspects of Blockchain are.

How things are with early adoption of Blockchain technology and how things may be in the future if the potential of Blockchain technologies is realised. With the uncertainty over the complete lifting of the lockdown, at UNICOM, we have devised an Online Forum, spread out over a day of around four hours.

Sessions are in an interactive format, providing a digital experience of a physical conference for all remote attendees. Attending delegates actively participate, communicate through Q&As, network with peers and panellists during the sessions and intervals respectively


Find out how Blockchain might solve business problems. Ways to develop, build, and implement Blockchain projects to your business. Difference between Centralized and Decentralized Networks. How Blockchain help with supply chain problems. Virtual Series on Blockchain digital transformation. Regulations about Blockchain Integration into Government Agencies. Blockchain law.

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  1. I’m happy I saw this in time this year, setting a reminder now for July 22! I’m particularly interested in including blockchain technology in my company.

  2. Excited to see the current trends and system updates. I won’t be missing this one for sure, especially since it will be viewable online. Hate I couldn’t make it to the one last year.

  3. I am glad the conference is going to be held virtually so that I can attend this one. 2020 is an important year, not just because of covid, but also because of the developing blockchain technology in the works. Lots to dive into and lots to cover.

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