Blockchain-friendly games

We have seen cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies bring wonders into the digital world with its clear structure and are gradually integrating with the current industries that deem innovation. Tech giants and innovators have recognised the importance of blockchain and have pioneered towards bringing contemporary blockchain solutions for the consumers. This leads to the identification of the significant promising blockchain projects that are striving for the success of the technology and integrating it more into our daily lives.


“The first peer-to-peer platform, where all stakeholders can make money,” is what Zelwin says and prides itself on. This online marketplace operates on blockchain and is based on the model of a reward system where it values its customers by allocating a considerable amount of ZELWIN (ZLW) token/bonuses over each purchase. With a variety in the available commodities, it provides a world-wide purchasing service to its thousands of consumers. Being a crypto-friendly platform, it presents great potential in strengthening its foundation in the field of blockchain projects. The ZLW bonuses can be transferred easily onto our fiat exchanges or accounts, over the accumulation of the required withdrawal amount. The marketplace is where everyone can produce revenue while following the platform’s aim to strive for fairness.


This explicit and innovative structure is striving to take the technologies involving human communication and digital evolution to the next level. Atromg8 is a Switzerland-based blockchain innovation working to build stability within the world systems. The blockchain landscape and Multi-DLT structure of this project are supported by “Innovative MixNet 5.0”. Seeking to revolutionise the security and privacy in messaging and payment ecosystems, this decentralised project is built from a range of open sources for the facilitation of digital networks in real-time. With its security features, Atromg8 intends to take leadership of the security features in blockchain applications. They undoubtedly will bring a realisation of the improvements blockchain applications can deliver within the existing technologies and promote contemporary ways of cooperation between existing networks.


The future of blockchain does not only call for improvement in technology but ease in consumption too. It has changed the concepts of complicated crypto purchases and transactions. Being the first cryptocurrency exchange platform to provide fiat-crypto trading services, users do not have to go through the strenuous procedures of buying crypto coins. It intends to deliver to the blockchain technology in 2020 with its focused delivery, payment securities, and convenient service. Users are allowed to top up their accounts via MasterCard, or Visa Card-linked accounts for purchasing crypto coins. While maintaining its competitive edge, Bitit provides its consumers with an additional package of one-stop-shop for crypto traders where different products are available at impressive rates.


Blockchain has been making quite a significant stand in the e-gaming industry. Several emerging startups have been developing themselves as useful tools amongst which MobileGo has grown to become the first crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and stores. Being called “the Bitcoin of the gaming industry,” MobileGo’s token, MGO uses the most respected and reliable blockchain network, Ethereum. It allows users to spend the tokens across numerous games and perform in-game purchases, which are quite promising, considering the developing norms of the gaming industry in 2020. Being a platform for both the developers and gamers, MobileGo has shown massive potential in merging the gaming and crypto industries. This platform, yet new, is known for collaboration with many exemplary games.

Blockchain technology, with 2020 rolling up, seeks to develop its security and optimising costs. More significant innovation has been discovered within this technology with a variety of potential in it; thus, it opens up towards newer and improved blockchain projects.

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  1. “where all stakeholders can make money” – I wonder if this will actually be the case. It sounds good on paper but is it, in reality? I really hope Zelwin keeps its head high and keeps aiming to reach this goal but it’s going to be difficult, very difficult.

    1. I agree. Zelwin sounds too good to be true. If they do pull it off then this will be a resounding success but that’s a huge IF. It’s not easy to make money for all stakeholders while also striving for fairness. It will be an interesting case study.

  2. I’ve got my eye on Zelwin & MobileGo especially. Bitit sounds very promising too. I’ll be curious to see the blockchain world in a few years, I imagine it’ll look a little different.

  3. I see so many blockchain companies now, do you think the market is getting over saturated? Does anyone see all or MOST of these companies even being successful? It just seems like way too many especially when compare to traditional payment companies/forms of payment.

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  5. BITIT and ATROMG8 are the 2 that should do the best in the upcoming years. The idea behind BITIT is good and anything that can simplify the crypto purchasing process should attract a lot of customers and thus do very well.

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