Proseed, Singapore, 20th June 2019

ProSeed offers a diverse set of rewards

ProSeed is a vibrant and generously impactful series of meetups, events, and roundtables hosted around the globe in the technology space. It’s currently focusing on the APAC region with meetups in Singapore on 30th May, Hong Kong on 27th June, and Seoul on 25th July.

Who Will be There
ProSeed believes in making things happen with and for those who really matter by connecting, networking, and unwinding together. It’s a movement where startups, investors, thought leaders, media members, and innovators come together to amplify the process of decentralized reordering. It’s time to augment lives. It’s time to proceed.

Why Attend
If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back. That’s why ProSeed brings along unique opportunities for various stakeholders-
Projects will be empowered to connect and network with investors, media, and key stakeholders.
Investors will be able to explore projects that resonate with what they envision to achieve.
Media will be provided a platform to cover inspiring and fascinating stories of real people with purpose.

The format of the meetup unfolds in three stages, allowing stakeholders to leverage all the benefits that it entails. In the first step, projects get up on stage to pitch their idea to a jury panel of high-impact investors. In the next stage projects and investors engage in one-on-one meetings to capitalize on mutual yields. And, as the final step, all the key stakeholders including projects, investors, and media members unwind over food and drinks. There are several networking opportunities that are plugged in these meetups for all.

ProSeed Rewards
ProSeed offers a diverse set of rewards to all its partners and these include-
– First things first, it helps all the partners to move forward, be it ideation or investment, it’s there
– Partners connect and meet with investors, media members, and other key ecosystem stakeholders
– They hold one-on-one meetings with investment funds, venture capitalists, and family offices
– Gain non-competitive exposure, engagement, and outreach before, during, and after the event
– Leverage exclusive opportunities to network with the right people- all as they unwind”

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